Conference 2020

Alessandra Mancini

Cyber Security and Data Privacy: two sides of the same coin?

Diego Schiavoni

Information Security in the railway sector: a point of view of the Infrastructure Manager

Giovanni Cusano

Il monitoraggio strutturale sul nuovo ponte: la gestione dei dati e la sicurezza delle informazioni

Paolo Bragatto

Impact of Digitalization on Occupational Safety in Process Industries

Marco Boero

Smart city resilience: data, knowledge, awareness

Gianna Detoni

Supply Chain or Supply risks?

Francesco Morelli

Analysis of the impacts on cyber deriving from the COVID-19 emergency

Aldo Sebastiani

Digital technological and cyber security sovereignty. The approach of Leonardo in the European and national context.

Davide Anguita

Artificial Intelligence, security and reliability

Roberto Baldoni

National cyber architecture and the national cyber security perimeter

Nicola Belfari Melazzi

5G Networks: Concept and Main Security Issues

Luisa Franchina

A regulatory overview of cyber security

Francesco Perna

Introducing ENEL CERT

Privacy Policy

Cyber Security for Energy & Transport Infrastructure

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