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11th June: Welcome Cocktail and Tour of the University campus of Savona Smart Microgrid (by invitation only)

12th June – CSET2018 DAY ONE: Cyber Security for Energy Infrastructure

  • Policy & Organization: Security by design – Awareness, Communication, Human factor, Behavioral Pattern Analysis. Enabling concepts (Behind the scenes of cyber incident: APT corp. communications case study - How can security teams successfully fight advanced threats? - Why did big brands, some with big cybersecurity budgets, fall victim to attack in 2017? - Next generation, complex threats require more: it’s about the right security process, expertise and tools)
  • The Cyber Security, Resilience and Business Continuity for Electrical Grid National Committee 4-years activity budget
  • The threats and opportunities of IoT security (Taking responsibility for IoT beyond your business)
  • Networking – B2B Session

13th June - CSET 2018 DAY TWO: Cyber Security for Transport & Mobility infrastructure

  • Security in critical infrastructure for transport, threat landscape, awareness and how two move on
  • Securing big urban data and critical national infrastructure in smart environments
  • Society 5.0 – integrating man and machine
  • Networking – B2B Session



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Here are the topics of the conference:
Panel 1
National Strategy for Cyber Security of SCADA Systems. The coordination role of the National CERT for the Electrical Critical Infrastructures Protection
Panel 2
Role of the National Observatory for the Cyber Security, Resilience and Business Continuity for Electrical Networks. Work in Progress
Panel 3
Electrical Network: Generation, Transmission and National Distribution. Functionality Management and Operational Security
Panel 4
National Electrical Grids. SCADA, RTU, IED, Meters and Remote Control - Highlighted Vulnerabilities
Panel 5
National Electrical Grids. Cyber Security Best Practices & Standards – State of the Art and Future Improvements