Cyber Security for infrastructure of Energy & Transport - 2nd edition
June 20th and 21st, 2016 - Genoa (Italy)

Promoted by:
Cyber Security,
Resilience and Business
Continuity for Electrical Grid
National Committee
Supported by:
CEI CIFI Ordine Ingegneri Genova RSE

In recent years the electricity infrastructure and networks were projected in a dizzying technological transformation towards the "intelligence on board". The Energy Industry and managers, but also the transport sector, buy more and more awareness about the risks originated by this new model, therefore they should adopt effective instruments for an adequate infrastructure protection. The big players, CERTs and international SCADA, RTU, IEDs Vendors are engaged, as a complement to direct their efforts towards the creation of standards and tools for generate valid countermeasures to this new global threat.

The speakers, all of international repute, will discuss about Cyber Security for a select audience: specialized industry, university research, high-level consultants. During the conference, moments of confrontation among the different players of the information energy sector on a European and International scale will be organized.

Exhibition space areas in the neighbouring conference room on the main floor of the sixteenth-century edifice will be also available.
Scientific Commitee:
Prof. Paola Girdinio, Prof. Alessandro Armando, Prof. Mario Marchese,
Dr. Antonio Rebora, Dr. Gaetano Sanacore, Dr. Francesco Perna,
Dr. Gian Luigi Pugni, Dr. Andrea Foschini, Dr. Giancarlo Caroti
Dr. Cristina Carnevali, Dr. Riccardo Genova

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